Learning or cheating?: Proofreading for the work of writing instruction during tutorials


grammar instruction
writing tutorial
writing center
international students

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Kim, J. (2022). Learning or cheating?: Proofreading for the work of writing instruction during tutorials. Journal of Language Teaching and Learning, 12(2), 138-155. Retrieved from https://www.jltl.com.tr/index.php/jltl/article/view/410


No proofreading is the major instructional policy of the contemporary writing center. As the shift of the literacy education reshaped the focus of writing instruction from product to process, the error-correction conventions of the writing instruction have been prohibited from the contemporary writing center (Author, Year, Year). However, the difficulty of differentiating error-correction, i.e., proofreading, and the grammar instruction during tutorials confuses the tutees who bring their concerns of grammar and it also complicates articulating the work of writing instruction for the tutors in the writing center. In this regard, this study investigates how proofreading, which is the error correcting practice, is enacted during the actual writing tutorials and how it is transformed into instruction in their talk-in-interactions for the work of writing. By capturing the turn-by-turn instructional moments between the tutor and the tutee with the analysis of the detail of their talk and interactions during the tutorial, this study explores the dynamics of the tensions and interests that the tutor and the tutee experience during the tutorials and how their expectations of the work of the tutorial conflict with each other and create new trajectories in developing the work of writing.